Estate Sales, Liquidating, Downsizing, Loss, Moving, or Declutter.........

Estate Sales, Liquidating, Downsizing, Loss, Moving, or Declutter.........

Estate Sales, Liquidating, Downsizing, Loss, Moving, or Declutter......... Estate Sales, Liquidating, Downsizing, Loss, Moving, or Declutter.........

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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We love to here from you, , we enjoy  doing what we do, helping family's  through hard times and others who are moving to a chapter in life, Thanks Valerie and Philip 

  1. There's much to see here. So, take a look at our past sales !


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Valerie R. Patton began this business after working as the Operations Manager of a Florida Estate Sale Co. for several years, prior to that she owned her own Real Estate Business in Arkansas, along with being a sales Representative for Elite Graphics and an Assistant Golf Pro

This type of Business is more rewarding then any other I have done, so many people are overwhelmed and distressed when it comes to their loved ones belongings.  

Our Company manages 3 to 4 sales a month, we advertise as a Gold Member on Estate Sales .Org..Estate Sales. Com..and Estate Sales. Net.
We host a Business FB account and Google is only a click away.  Responding to any question is a given on any of these online services, email, text or call.

People realize that our sole responsibility as we help liquidate an Estate is to make their lives easier along with having everything done top notch.  We honestly go the extra mile.  

There are not too many Estate Sale Companies that I am aware of who stays open until 4 or later.   Our following is large and it keeps growing as each sale is completed.  We've had 85 to 125 people at the door on our first day of the sale  waiting to find their treasures.  
Basically we begin the process of an Estate by coming in 2 weeks prior to the Sale Date.  At that time we arrange tables with table clothes to remove items out of drawers, chests, cabinets, boxes etc. placing them throughout the home.  As things start coming together we start photographing all items so we can have everything ready to put on all the sites no later then Monday of the Sale.  Pictures and descriptions are a big part of a profitable sale.  Each one of these sites that I advertise through send out thousands of emails each day, so having descriptions and pictures only add to the visual effect of drawing in someone shopping.   Pricing is done by not only me, but with the assistance of 2 Antique Appraisers, A Coin and Silver Appraiser, Asian and an Egyptian Art Specialist and several others.   Research is a big part of this business.  We really do go the extra mile in pricing too!  Each item will have a price on it, we do not believe in having a sale where a customer has to ask for a price for any item.

We also have a bid box at the cashier table.  If someone doesn't want to pay full price on a large item,  they can place a bid and will be called by 11:00 on the last day of the sale if the item is still available.

There are no hidden fees for credit cards, cleanout, trash, or any other thing that may appear at the end of someone's reconciliation.

We remove everything in the home after the sale unless the owner decides to keep a certain item.  We take all the trash, and all floors will be broom swept or vacuumed at not charge to the Estate.

Everything is inclusive with not one hidden fee.  We Advertise at the highest level, we sell at the highest price we can, and our customer service is hands on throughout the whole time. We provide wrapping, bags, and high definition security which is monitored at the check out counter.  


Sales Tax is collected by any individual who isn't tax exempt.  We have signs stating that as well.  By Florida law sales tax is required.  

All items that are donated after the completion of the sale by our Company will be listed on a charity slip and will be sent with check within 10 days.

Thank you for your consideration!

We look forward to sitting down and chatting about how your needs can be met. 💕

Valerie R. Patton
870-240-4131. Cell

Philip E. Patton

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